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Joseph Principles : Turning Adversity And Heartache Into Miraculous Living


Has life gone the way you thought it would go? Have your senses of safety, security, and confidence been replaced with fear, doubt, anxiety, and even depression and despair? By following the biblical example of Joseph and the teachings of Jesus, learn to turn your hurt and trials into a springboard for a more tangible and intimate relationship with God.

In 2016, a year after releasing his book Jesus Speaks, bestselling author Steven K. Scott’s mentor and dearest friend, Gary Smalley, fell asleep in his bed and woke up in heaven. Steven had lost not only his best friend of forty-three years but also his most enthusiastic encourager.

Brokenhearted, he lost his passion to write. In 2020, Steven was hospitalized, wondering if he’d survive COVID, and the Holy Spirit let him know, in no uncertain terms, that it was time to break free from past hurts and disappointments, start living in the present, and do what God had called him to do. Inspired, Steven began studying the life of Joseph, a biblical figure who suffered trauma after trauma but used his suffering as a tool.

With so many people living in a world of hurt and uncertainty, The Joseph Principles gives you what you need to heal your hurts and successfully navigate through current trials and future adversities. By following examples from Joseph’s life and the corresponding teachings of Jesus, begin confronting your deepest hurts and find freedom, using your past trauma as a springboard to a closer relationship with God.

Through The Joseph Principles, you will:

*Discover a clear pathway to the joyful and abundant life that Jesus makes available to his followers

*Find amazing hidden treasures that can truly change the course of your life

*Experience God in the “miracle of the moment” by not dwelling on the past or jumping to the future

*Be empowered to forgive even when you don’t want to–even the worst of your offenders

*Discover God’s love language to become more intimately connected with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

*Bring miracles of God’s love, mercy, compassion, wisdom, and righteousness into every aspect of life

In The Joseph Principles, you’ll discover specific steps to provide a clear pathway to the joyful and abundant life that Jesus provides for believers.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780785291527
ISBN10: 0785291520
Steven Scott
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: September 2022
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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