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Good News Of Our Limits


Become More Effective by Embracing Your Inability

Many of us are tired, stressed, and overworked. We think that following God will bring peace, but instead find ourselves anxious. We expect a life of joy, but end up feeling stressed, living under the heavy load of new expectations. It’s a spiritual and emotional rollercoaster.

We search for solutions using optimization techniques, attempting to fit more and more into our already full days. We try to craft efficiently maximized lives, but these methods always fail, not because they are ill-intentioned, but because they do not go far enough. They fail to understand how God made us–as people with inherent limitations–and they fail to accept that as good.

In The Good News of Our Limits, professor and longtime ministry leader Sean McGever reveals the wonderful news that we cannot do, be, or know all of the things that others expect of us–and that we often expect from ourselves. Nor should we. As it turns out, these expectations are not God’s expectations. The freeing truth is that God created us with limitations, and he did it for a reason. God is the only all-powerful, all-present, and all-knowing person, and we are not. We can only know and do some things, and we can only be in one place at a time. And that is enough. Accepting this truth frees us to find greater peace and joy, and somewhat surprisingly, greater effectiveness in life.

The Good News of Our Limits helps readers answer questions like:

*What are our God-given human limits?
*How do I find peace when I can’t control the circumstances, tragedies, and difficulties that surround my life?
*How do I choose what is best when my time, focus, and abilities are limited?
*How many people can I realistically know personally?
*What can I do to deepen key relationships when I feel relationally maxed-out?
*How do I navigate all the information that comes my way each day?

Through personal stories and fascinating cultural insights, The Good News of Our Limits calls readers to embrace the blessedness of their limitations and adopt a few key practices to better balance their lives. Biblical and practical, it points to a better way forward for us all.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310114444
UPC: 025986114442
Sean McGever
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2022
Publisher: Zondervan


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