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More To The Story


What does the Bible really say about identity and gender, dating and sex? Are its teachings out of date and repressive? Or are they the way to joy and contentment?

Long-time youth worker Jennifer Kvamme knows teens are grappling with these questions. In this book she helps readers cut through the cultural confusion and find answers to questions like:

*why does God care what I do with my body (if I’m not hurting anyone)?
*why does it matter what pronouns I use?
*why is sex “good” in marriage but “bad” before it? Isn’t love love?
*is the Bible really against gay marriage?

Rather than listing dos and don’ts, this book looks at the whole story of God’s love for us to give readers an essential backdrop for the Bible’s teachings on sexuality. It will help you navigate wisely complex issues around dating, sex and gender. You’ll not only learn how to honor Jesus in this area of life, but why he can be trusted to bring the kind of lasting joy and contentment that “sexual freedom” can’t. You’ll discover there’s hope even if your experience of sexuality has been painful, complicated or filled with shame.

Each chapter includes reflection questions to help you think through these issues and apply them to your own life, as well as a discussion guide for youth groups.

You will be encouraged to trust Jesus with your deepest desires as you follow him in all of life, including your sexuality and relationships.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781784989514
ISBN10: 1784989517
Jennifer Kyamme
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2024
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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