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  • Satisfied Journal : Reflections On A Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom


    Bestselling author and food addiction expert Dr. Rhona Epstein provides readers with a new resource for finding and keeping food freedom.

    Following the breakout success of Satisfied and Satisfied Workbook, food addiction counselor Dr. Rhona is back with Satisfied Journal. Based on her more than thirty years of experience in addiction recovery, this journal uses thoughtful questions and prompts to guide readers deeper into self-reflection as they wrestle with the way they relate to food.

    Satisfied Journal can be used alongside its companion devotional and workbook or as a standalone tool for continuing the journey toward recovery. Dr. Rhona pairs scriptural encouragement with personal and practical questions to push readers to write honestly about their feelings and experiences with food addiction.

    The questions and prompts in Satisfied Journal will:

    *provide a periodic check-in during the recovery process
    *encourage honest self-reflection
    *help readers facilitate an intentional relationship with food
    *challenge readers to be vulnerable with God

    The newest addition to Dr. Rhona’s Satisfied line, Satisfied Journal is a prayerful and contemplative resource that provides readers with healing as they work through food addiction towards recovery and food freedom.

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  • Dr Colberts Healthy Brain Zone



    The key ingredient to fighting memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s isn’t in prescriptions or unnatural treatments. It’s in a healthy, gut-friendly diet!

    This book will give you insight about the science behind the brain-gut connection so you can make wise and healthy diet choices. You will select foods that protect your brain from cognitive diseases and disorders.

    More and more, science is proving that a healthy digestive system is the key to a healthy brain and body–making this book the natural follow-up to Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone and Beyond Keto.

    From Don Colbert, MD–the New York Times best-selling author who brought you the Keto Zone, the Hormone Zone, and the Healthy Gut Zone–comes his latest and most revolutionary book yet: Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Brain Zone! Dr. Colbert looks inside the science and provides natural protocols and treatments for cognitive decline, including the following:

    *A weekly plan that incorporates supplements and healthy eating for optimum results
    *Thirty easy-to-make recipes for restoring balance and maximizing brain function
    *Instructions for other simple protocols that help you maintain a healthy brain

    Join him as he builds upon the knowledge about the gut-brain connection provided in Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone and the ultimate healthy eating lifestyle in Beyond Keto to offer hope for preventing, slowing, and fighting memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

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  • 101 Maneras Sencillas De Reduc – (Spanish)


    Aunque muchos de nosotros priorizamos nuestra salud fisica a traves del ejercicio y una alimentacion saludable, a menudo nos olvidamos de dedicar tiempo a estimular nuestra mente, estado de animo y salud mental. Sin embargo, la mente es la fuente de todos nuestros pensamientos, palabras y acciones; cuando nuestro pensamiento no es saludable, nuestras vidas no seran saludables, incluso si vamos al gimnasio siete veces a la semana y comemos col rizada todos los dias.

    Es muy importante que nos concentremos en el autocuidado mental y en reducir el estres diario, ya que la fortaleza mental y la resiliencia nos ayudaran a superar los momentos dificiles y nos ayudaran a lograr el exito en todas las areas de nuestras vidas. Usando el increible poder de nuestra mente, podemos persistir y crecer en respuesta a los desafios de la vida.

    Deje que la autora y neurocientifica de gran exito, la Dra. Caroline Leaf, le ayude a cambiar su vida cambiando su forma de pensar con 101 formas sencillas de reducir el estres. Con estrategias simples para el autocuidado mental, podemos cambiar la forma en que pensamos y vivimos nuestras vidas.

    Although many of us prioritize our physical health through exercise and healthy eating, we often forget to spend time boosting our mind, mood, and mental health. Yet the mind is the source of all our thoughts, words, and actions; when our thinking is unhealthy, our lives will be unhealthy-even if we go to the gym seven times a week and eat kale every day.

    It is so important that we focus on mental self-care and reducing daily stress, since mental toughness and resilience will get us through difficult times and help us achieve success in every area of our lives. Using the incredible power of our minds, we can persist and grow in response to life’s challenges.

    Let bestselling author and neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf help you change your life by changing your mind with 101 simple ways to reduce stress. With simple strategies for mental self-care, we can change the way we think and how we live our lives.

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  • Be Well : Learning To Steward Your Health


    Would you like to take better care of your body but aren’t sure what to do? Focusing on our souls doesn’t mean we should neglect taking care of our bodies. But often we are so busy caring for others and keeping to our schedules that we think we can’t fit in one more thing!

    Lainey Greer helps us see that the body matters to God and Christians are called to be faithful stewards of our physical health. Our faith should inform both our spiritual and physical practices, as we are immaterial (spirit) and material (physical) beings. Taking care of our bodies by adopting healthy habits is one way we reflect their value. Learn how healthy nutrition, sufficient rest, proactive stress management, and proper exercise are all ways to honor God and remain equipped for his service.

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  • Food Triggers : Exchanging Unhealthy Patterns For God-Honoring Habits


    How do we manage those unruly portions at restaurants? Why are we eating the leftovers from our kids’ plates? How do we stop boredom munchies? As a certified health coach who has been on her own transformative health journey, Amber Lia exposes 31 common food-related struggles–based on hundreds of hours of research– that women and men face in everyday moments. Food Triggers offers the “aha” understanding of why we react the way we do as well as tangible solutions to:

    – Expose the key food triggers sabotaging your health
    – Exchange broken and destructive patterns for healing and God-honoring habits
    – Use practical strategies for immediate action rooted in Scripture
    – Break free from the cycle of reactionary eating, shame, and feelings of defeat, and walk in victory

    At its root, every trigger becomes a spiritual battle, not always easily won, but with biblical truth and concrete methods applied to our everyday struggles, our everyday food triggers become areas of opportunity and victory.

    Food Triggers is a perfect complement to any health plan readers may be currently using on their health journey.

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  • Healthy Kids Happy Moms


    In Healthy Kids, Happy Moms, integrative pediatrician Sheila Kilbane, MD, shares the methodology she’s developed over almost twenty years of practicing medicine: a seven-step process that can begin to heal your child’s chronic illness from the inside out.

    This book will equip you with the information and tools you need to transform your child’s health, including:
    *how to understand your child’s medical history and how seemingly different issues are related

    *the role of inflammation in recurrent childhood illnesses

    *how to uncover the root of your child’s inflammation, which drives recurrent illnesses

    *the important role gut health plays in overall health

    *what nutrients your child might be deficient in and what foods he or she may need more of

    *how to find good quality supplements for your child when needed

    *thirty-two kid-friendly recipes to help even the busiest families make significant changes

    If you’re weary from dragging your child to endless doctor appointments and administering medication after medication, let Dr. Kilbane help you take control of your child’s health.

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  • Satisfied Workbook : A Spiritual Guide To Recovery And Food Freedom (Workbook)


    A practical how-to resource for readers in search of biblically based freedom from food issues, The Satisfied Workbook is the latest resource from food addiction counselor, Dr. Rhona Epstein. This successor to Food Triggers and the successful Satisfied devotional is a workbook with the step-by-step help needed for overcoming struggles with food. Rooted in the familiar process of twelve-step recovery programs and based on psychologist Dr. Rhona’s thirty years of experience in addiction recovery, The Satisfied Workbook: A Spiritual Guide to Recovery and Food Freedom pairs scriptural encouragement with her counseling expertise and personal experiences, as well as practical questions and applications for readers. Moments of personal recovery contemplation and prayer with space for written reflection, along with the exercises and guided meditations, make this a standout among resources for food issues and addiction recovery. The Satisfied Workbook is a perfect resource for those whose relationship with food is suffering. Each chapter includes: Spirituality and Reflection ? Inspiring Bible verses and prompts to reflect and meditate on your spiritual journey and space to record your progress. Focus on one of the traditional twelve steps of traditional recovery programs, but through a biblical and food-focused lens. Real Talk with Dr. Rhona ? Personal and insightful experiences that dive into realistic food addiction struggles and the path to recovery, faith, and fulfilment, as well as examples of real-life scenarios that readers might face. Modern Life Guidance ? Thoughtful prompts that give new perspectives on issues like body image, healing from addiction, eating behaviors, and life balance, to name just a few. The Satisfied Workbook is designed for anyone seeking to change the way they relate to food, from balancing uncontrollable and compulsive eating habits, to those deeply struggling with food addiction and abuse. The practical time-tested strategies and tools in this workbook can ensure that food takes its proper place in your life to truly satisfy your hunger.

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  • Managing Your Emotions For A Healthier Life


    Have you been hurt by someone and want to learn to trust again? Do you need help with your sadness or anger? Are you looking for relief from shame, anxiety, or fear? Do you desire the true happiness and love that come with emotional healing? Christian psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Mark Baker shows how to handle eight basic human emotions in order to heal from emotional pain–and discover the bright future God has in store for you. Managing Your Emotions for a Healthier Life is the same compassionate advice he shares with his clients, allowing you to reap the benefits of expert counseling from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Thanks For The Mammogram (Revised)


    When Laura Jensen Walker was diagnosed with breast cancer on her first wedding anniversary, she found humor to be healing in the midst of terrifying circumstances. In this energetic and hope-filled book, she draws on her faith and her sense of humor to encourage others going through the same thing. From discovering that “bald is beautiful” to navigating the world of saline breast implants, Walker recounts the highs and lows of coping with cancer.

    Infused with strength and dignity, this classic book has now been revised and updated for a new generation, showing women confronting the disease–and those who love them–that faith, hope, and a healthy dose of laughter can make all the difference.

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  • Take Charge Of Your Cholesterol


    Doctors increasingly prescribe “cholesterol lowering” drugs that patients will take every day for the rest of their lives. But a daily pill only addresses a small part of the cholesterol problem. In this book, Dr. Richard Furman shows you how to understand what your cholesterol numbers mean, how best to change levels of both the “lethal” LDL cholesterol and the “hero” HDL cholesterol, and how to adjust your lifestyle in order to stay off of expensive medications that don’t address the whole problem (and often have negative health-impacting side effects). Ready to take charge of your cholesterol?

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  • Dr Colberts Hormone Health Zone


    From New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Colbert

    Why settle for balancing your hormones when you can optimize them?
    After more than thirty years of study, the hormone puzzle has come together. The results are astounding! In his book, The Hormone Zone, Colbert reveals that instead of balancing hormones, you can now optimize your hormones, boosting them up to the levels you had when you were twenty-five years old, helping you live healthier longer.
    When your hormones are at suboptimal levels, you experience fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, high cholesterol, foggy thinking, severe menopause symptoms, and more. Not to mention, you roll out the welcome mat for every type of degenerative disease to set in. Once you learn Dr. Colbert’s secret for optimizing your hormones, you will:
    *Burn fat
    *Build muscle
    *Boost energy
    *Improve memory and clear thinking
    *Prevent frailty and feebleness
    *Minimize menopause symptoms
    *Lower cholesterol
    *Increase blood flow
    *Become disease resistant

    No matter your age, you can feel like you’re twenty-five again! It’s truly possible, thanks to hormone optimization, which makes every organ of your body work better. Dr. Colbert wants you to “get in the zone” and experience an optimized life. The Hormone Zone provides everything you need to know, featuring information that takes everything we’ve known about hormone treatment to a new level. This is a message of hope, taking action, and achieving the long, healthy, vibrant life you desire.

    This book will help you enjoy a happy, vigorous life by learning to balance your hormones, which will reduce memory loss, minimize menopause symptoms, and ultimately improve your overall health.

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  • Satisfied : A 90 Day Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom


    Are you satisfied with your relationship with food? Maybe you’re only beginning to recognize your relationship with food isn’t a healthy one. Or maybe you’ve lost hope that anything can change.

    In Satisfied, Dr. Rhona takes readers on an intense 90-day journey toward those first bold steps to liberation from slavery to food cravings. For those simply looking for healthier food behaviors, or those deeply struggling with food addiction and abuse, these 12 weeks of reflections-rooted in the 12 Steps of recovery and based on Dr. Rhona’s personal and professional experiences-combine spiritual guidance with practical encouragement.

    By trusting God one day at a time, He will heal your heart and soul from the inside out. In doing so, you can be truly, fully satisfied.

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  • Switch On Your Brain (Reprinted)


    According to researchers, the vast majority–a whopping 75-98 percent–of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about truly affects us both physically and emotionally. In fact, fear alone triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses in our bodies, activating more than thirty different hormones! Today our culture is undergoing an epidemic of toxic thoughts that, left unchecked, create ideal conditions for illnesses.

    Supported by current scientific and medical research, Dr. Caroline Leaf gives readers a prescription for better health and wholeness through correct thinking patterns, declaring that we are not victims of our biology. She shares with readers the “switch” in our brains that enables us to live happier, healthier, more enjoyable lives where we achieve our goals, maintain our weight, and even become more intelligent. She shows us how to choose life, get our minds under control, and reap the benefits of a detoxed thought life.

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  • Overeating : Freedom From Food Fixation


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596369467ISBN10: 1596369469June HuntBinding: Trade PaperPublished: June 2014Hope For The HeartPublisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group

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  • Anorexia And Bulimia


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596369313ISBN10: 1596369310June HuntBinding: Trade PaperPublished: June 2014Hope For The HeartPublisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group

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  • Stress : How To Cope At The End Of Your Rope


    Stress: Running on Empty will help you to discover how to balance stress, how to find peace in the midst of chaotic circumstances, and how to avoid becoming a mess because of stress.

    Are the effects of a crazy busy schedule weighing you down? Do you feel that if you have just one more pressure added to your life, you will break? If we re not careful, stress can come between us and our relationship with others and with God.

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  • Daniel Plan : 40 Days To A Healthier Life


    The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman is an innovative approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle where people get better together by optimizing their health in the key areas of faith, food, fitness, focus and friends. Within these five key life areas, readers are offered a multitude of resources and the foundation to get healthy. Ultimately, The Daniel Plan is about abundance, not deprivation, and this is why the plan is both transformational and sustainable. The Daniel Plan teaches simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into your current lifestyle, while encouraging you to rely on God’s power through biblical principles. Readers are encouraged to do The Daniel Plan with another person or a group to accelerate their results and enjoy a built-in support system. Readers are offered cutting-edge, real-world applications that are easy to implement and create tangible results.

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